3 Items to Consider in a Floor Plan

Submitted by Capstone Homes on Tue, 02/16/2021 - 8:00am
Capstone Custom Home - Custom Floor Plans

At Capstone Custom Homes, we design our own floor plans from scratch, which we can then customize for any home build. For three generations, we’ve built homes from Cleveland to Columbus, fine-tuning our expertise and skills. With that in mind, here are some floor plan items that are sometimes overlooked, but will greatly influence how you use your house in the future.

Bathroom Space

Knowing how many bathrooms you need in the house is an obvious consideration for any would-be homebuyer. But you should go deeper than that by looking at the available space in each bathroom. Will more than one person be using the bathroom regularly? Will it be used by adults, or young children? Evaluating your needs can help you determine if a bathroom should be expanded.

Closet Areas

Having enough space for both personal storage and common storage is a must. Bedroom closets should have adequate room for their occupants’ possessions. Common storage areas should also be conveniently located and provide enough space for coats, shoes, and other items. Remember, while the basement can provide plenty of storage space initially, closet space could come at a premium once you finish it.

Garage Space

Planning for your garage space should consider more than just the number of parking spots. You may use your garage for extra storage, a workshop, or even a man cave. To account for this, your garage could need extra depth for a work bench, or additional electrical outlets to power equipment and accessories.

By focusing on both the “big-ticket” items and smaller details like closet areas, our team ensures that each floor plan provides the functionality your family will need on a day to day basis. By evaluating your needs during the planning process, you can customize these areas to create the perfect living space.