3 Tips for Built Ins

Submitted by Capstone Homes on Thu, 12/15/2022 - 8:00am
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At Capstone Custom Homes, we include a lot of features as standard in our custom homes — including our signature cabinets. Even so, some homeowners choose to upgrade their cabinets to built-in items, including ones with plumbing and other mechanicals. Here are a few things to consider if you want to add a built-in to your home.

Personalize It

You know best what your family’s specific needs are. The built-in should be designed with those  needs in mind to make it truly personal. For example, if your built-in will be located in the utility room, you should consider the various functions that built-in will need to serve. If the built-in will be located in a more visible area, you’ll naturally want to ensure that its design and aesthetics match the rest of the house.

Accessorize It

Accessories like custom lighting, a sink or other plumbing features, and unique design finishes can help make a built-in a true focal point of any room. After all, if you’re going to incorporate semi-permanent furniture, you might as well make it memorable! Our cabinet craftsmen can offer plenty of ideas for how you can help your built-in stand out.

Prioritize It

If you’ve gone through the process of adding this semi-permanent furniture and decor element to your home, you’ll want to prioritize it. For example, this means that for a utility room built-in, you should ensure that you’ll have easy access to this storage feature when designing the rest of the room. Accessibility and visibility are key to making the most of your built-in.

No matter what kind of vision you have for your built-ins, our team can use their extensive building and design expertise to make it happen. To see for yourself what our team can accomplish, visit one of our model homes or an open house!