3 Tips for Picking up Leaves this Fall

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Fall leaf pick up

Fall is on the way! While this is the perfect season for enjoying some football and taking in the beautiful foliage, it is also an important time of year to prep your house for winter. And part of that is cleaning up all the leaves that fall in your yard. Here’s some extra equipment (besides the rake) that will help you get the job done quickly.

Mowers and Baggers

If you have a larger property, you may be better off ditching the rake entirely. Instead, you can go over the covered areas with your mower. Just attach a bagging attachment to collect the leaf debris. You will need to stop relatively often to empty the bag, but it’s still much faster than raking. Better yet, this method also shreds the leaves into small pieces that can be used for compost or mulch. 

Blowers and Vacuums

If you don’t already have a lawn mower, leaf blowers and vacuums could be the more affordable fall cleanup option. There are many varieties to suit your usage preferences — gas powered, electric, shoulder-mounted, handheld, and more! If you buy a vacuum-style model, get one that has an integrated chipper. This way, you won’t have to spend extra time removing sticks and other debris that could otherwise damage the vacuum’s impeller.

Get a Tarp

If you’d prefer to stick with the rake, a large tarp can provide an affordable way to gather a lot of leaves quickly. Simply rake the leaves onto the tarp, then drag the tarp to the curb, compost bin, or your truck. This is also a great way to get the kids to help out with fall cleanup!

No matter how you prefer to clean up leaves in your yard, going beyond the standard rake will help you get the job done faster so you can go back to enjoying the beautiful fall weather. Good luck!