3 Upgrades Essential for Outdoor Cookouts

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Capstone Custom Homes - Backyard Entertaining

Summer is in full swing, and for many families, that means outdoor cookouts on the grill! While Capstone Custom Homes doesn’t do landscaping work, our team is able to provide extra add-ons during the construction process that will help you make the most of summer grilling and other outdoor activities.

External Lighting on the House

Adding external lights to your home is a great way to illuminate your backyard for late-night cookouts and get-togethers. Floodlights and other custom installations can brighten up your entire yard so you can spend more time outdoors. Motion lights are another great option for those who want to enhance their property’s security.

Gas Rough-in

It’s perfectly normal to not put your landscaping in right away after you build your new home. But if you know that your future landscaping plans include a gas grill or oven, we can help you prepare by installing a gas rough-in. This way, future contractors can more easily connect your outdoor cooking area with natural gas.

Extra Power and Outlets

These days, outdoor spaces use more electronics than ever to create the ultimate space for entertaining. If you plan on using speaker systems, TVs, or other energy-hungry devices while outside, additional outlets or the ability to add more circuits to the breaker box will ensure you have enough power for everything.

For a house that will help you fulfill all your outdoor dreams, you can count on Capstone Custom Homes. Our experienced design team can customize our floor plans or work with your own design to create the ultimate space for indoor and outdoor fun. Visit our model homes today to learn more.