3 Ways to Improve Outdoor Lighting

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Capstone Custom Homes - Backyard Lighting

A beautiful outdoor space is the perfect accompaniment to a custom-built home. Now that temperatures are warming up, it’s only natural that you’d want to be spending more time outside — including after the sun goes down. Here are some ways to improve visibility in your backyard for those nice summer nights.

Security Lighting

Security lighting can operate on a timer, use motion-sensitivity for activation, or be turned on by a switch. Nowadays, it can even be connected to your smart home. During your pre-construction meeting with Capstone, be sure to let our team know if you want to upgrade your home with security lighting! We’ll help you get what you need.

String and Path Lighting

String lights can be a quick and affordable way to illuminate patios, eating areas, or other spaces that could use some more light. Just be sure to take down these lights when storms are on the way, and to routinely inspect them for repair issues. Installing path lighting along walkways can also make it easier to navigate your space at night. Solar-powered lighting requires minimal maintenance and won’t add to your electric bill.

Spot Lighting

Working with a landscaper to install spot lighting is a great way to accentuate key elements of your yard. By highlighting unique plants or landscaping features like a waterfall or rock formation, you can create a bold, dramatic look for your backyard.

The right lighting can dramatically improve nighttime visibility and even be used to highlight favorite features in your yard or on the house itself. With a beautiful custom-built home from Capstone Custom Homes, you’ll have the perfect space to enjoy any time of year.