6 Gifts for New Homeowners They'll Actually Use

Submitted by Capstone Homes on Thu, 12/13/2018 - 10:00am
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It's important not to show up empty-handed to a housewarming party. But what to bring? The key to buying a gift for a new homeowner is to acknowledge the excitement of the moment without adding to the clutter of their new space. And as the holidays approach, these ideas may alleviate some of the stress of this gift-giving season.


For the Tech-Savvy

Amazon Echo
Buying or building a new home means a chance to start fresh and create a home that speaks to personal taste and a vision for family life. The gift of Amazon Echo is like gifting a music library, smart-home, and digital assistant in one. Even if they already have Alexa, there are accessories to expand the product’s capabilities and efficiency. (Echo; Echo Dot)


For the Neat and Tidy

Subscription to Grove Collaborative
For most new homeowners, their primary goal after moving, decorating, and settling in, is to keep their home clean. Most of us have that vision as we step into a newly-built home. (Day 1: “My new home will never get messy like the last house did!” Day 10: “I guess my style is more of the lived in look.”). A gift of this nature needs to be tactful, considering the derogatory message that could be interpreted upon receiving a bucket of cleaning supplies. So giving products with a purpose and a sense of style can make the neatest (or not so neat) homeowner happy to have that extra storage space for cleaning supplies. One of our favorites is Grove Collaborative, a subscription service that links hundreds of healthy and effective cleaning products that smell great, too. Not to mention they carry personal beauty products with the same set of home and earth-friendly guidelines.

Most times of the year Grove offers a gift set so you can simply gift some of their best products. (Grove Collaborative)


For the Not-So-Nurturing Plant Enthusiast

Low-Maintenance Houseplant
A hardy houseplant in a neutral decorative pot might be the most lasting gift you can give a new homeowner. HGTV’s roundup of forgiving houseplants provides a good starting point. Be sure to consider the home’s size and style as well as if there are pets or young children in the home.


For the Entertaining Type

Architectural Digest Subscription
Although above we discussed the new homeowner probably doesn’t want more clutter around their new home, a sophisticated coffee table magazine adds more to the decor than clutter. A subscription to Architectural Digest is affordable and thoughtful. It offers on trend home design inspiration, which is perfect for the person who just moved into a custom built home.


For the Reader

Book of the Month Subscription
Unless you’re an avid reader, you may not understand the excitement that comes from seeing empty shelves waiting to be filled with new books. If the homeowner is a reader, or just has new office space or built-ins designated for books, gifting them a subscription to Book of the Month is a great way to be thoughtful and give them their choice of reading materials. Subscriptions range from three-to 12-months and offer recipients their choice of genre, title and author. (Gift a subscription, with free shipping for you here).


For the Wine Drinker

Wine Decanter
Wine drinkers will be the first to tell you there’s always a reason to celebrate with a glass of wine. And moving into a new home is certainly cause for a toast. When you visit, bring a bottle of your favorite wine to share and as a gift to the homeowner, consider a decanter like this one.



If you know someone looking to build a new home in Ohio, consider gifting them with a link to our website, www.mycapstonehome.com. We love making new home dreams come true!

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