After the Build

Submitted by Capstone Homes on Mon, 04/10/2023 - 3:22pm
Capstone Custom Homes

After the team at Capstone Custom Homes finishes construction, you’d assume it’s time to hand over the keys to your new house, right? Well, not quite. There are actually a few final steps that we take to ensure that everything is ready for you to move in.

Move-in Date

Once we receive your final payment or the lender you are financing with has released the final funds, we will turn over the keys to your new home. Your project supervisor will walk you through all the elements of your home and answer any questions you might have at this time to ensure you are ready to go!

Final Clean

As part of our process, we strive to leave you with a spotless home for when you move in. Our crews and subcontractors take out all waste after finishing their work. Once they are gone, we bring in a cleaner to clean and sweep everything so your house is ready for your family.

Issues With Dirt

Most of our homes do not have finished landscaping when we complete construction — this is something the homeowners take care of afterwards. However, removing debris and mold from the outside is important for keeping your house looking its best. We recommend power washing your house after all landscaping work is complete to remove all dirt and debris.
Moving into a completed new build is an exciting time for your family! By taking these extra steps at the end of the construction process, you can have confidence that your home and land will be fully ready for you to enjoy.