The Best of Both Worlds: Indoor Plants

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Capstone Custom Homes - House Plants

Caring for houseplants isn’t always easy — but there’s no denying that they can have a truly transformative impact on your home decor. Learning to style house plants (real or not) can go a long way in giving your home some added substance.

Tall Plants Create Height

One of the most common challenges in home decor is figuring out what to do with odd corners or blank spaces. Plants like the snake plant can be an excellent way to fill these areas and add height thanks to their vertical growth while at the same time requiring minimal floor space. Check out a local greenhouse or nursery to get recommendations on easy-to-care-for plants that would be a good fit for your open spaces.

Plants Soften Harsh Areas

Ledges and transitional areas between rooms can also be tricky to fill. These transitional areas can sometimes feel harsh and jarring. However, soft, leafy plants like the ficus can help visually smooth things out for a more pleasing look.

Plants Add Dimension and Space

No matter what room they’re in, plants add a sense of movement, depth, and life that simply isn’t possible with other types of decor. The unique textures, shapes, and colors of plant life help elevate any room with a truly one of a kind look.

While Capstone doesn’t provide houseplants, some of our sales consultants are experts in interior design who can help you find the right look for your home — plants included. They may not be interior designers, but they could be if they needed to! We love helping you make your dream home a reality.