Customizing our floor plan on your lot

Submitted by Capstone Homes on Wed, 04/14/2021 - 9:54am
Capstone Custom Homes

While a floor plan is certainly an important part of creating a stunning custom home, it all starts with the property itself — namely, the lot/land where you plan to build. By customizing our floor plans to match your dreams and your lot/land, our design experts will help you create something truly amazing. Here’s how we accomplish this.

Lot Inspection

Where you build has a big impact on the home-building project. We start by checking out the land and reviewing any needed permits or special requirements for your area, as this will influence the total cost of the project.

Evaluating Overall Size and Layout

We have a wide variety of floor plans in small and large sizes to accommodate any lot size. With the size and layout of your land/lot in mind, we will then work with you to adjust these floor plans as needed to create a home that looks great on your property. As part of this process, we will carefully review road access and other geographical features that could influence your home’s layout and its placement on your lot.

Taking Advantage of Your Land’s Characteristics

Does your property have a charming creek? A stunning view of a pond? As part of our review of your lot, we’ll take note of any physical characteristics of your land that you might want to accentuate. Highlighting the things that make your property unique can further enhance your dream home.

No matter what your property looks like, Capstone Custom Homes will help you complete it with the perfect floor plan. Visit our model homes today so we can talk about what we can accomplish together.