Decorating for the Season

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Capstone Custom Homes Christmas Tree
Capstone Custom Homes  Foyer
Capstone Custom Homes Harvest Table

With the Christmas season upon us, it’s only natural that much of your family’s focus would turn to decorating your home. Of course, this is hardly the only time of year when you’d want to decorate. With many seasons and holidays to celebrate throughout the year, ensuring that your house is set up in a way that will help you display everything is an absolute must.

Custom Display Areas

Landing areas and foyers are just two parts of the home that are frequently used for displaying seasonal decorations, paintings, and other decor. During the design phase, let our team know what kind of items you plan to display. We can make sure these sections of the home are built out in a way that perfectly accommodates  your decorations, accounting for factors like sunlight, special mounting needs, and more.

Don’t Forget Electricity

We live in an increasingly tech-driven world, and that often applies to seasonal decorations as well. Let us know if your display areas will need power, ethernet or coaxial outlets, or other tech setups. After all, it doesn’t do much good if you need a lengthy extension cable to light up your Christmas tree!

Plenty of Storage

After the holidays are over, you’ll need a place to store your seasonal decorations. Adequate cabinets and shelving will make your storage much easier, particularly for items that need to be kept in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment. We can make custom modifications to any floor plan to ensure that you have all the storage space you need.

No matter how you plan to add seasonal elements, colors, and decor to your home,  the right floor plan will help you make the most of your decorating plans. By prioritizing these important elements, your home will feel festive all year long.