Design Hacks for Kitchen Functionality

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Kitchen Design Hacks: At a Glance

  • Think ahead when planning your kitchen: how much time will you spend there?
  • When you build with Capstone, our team of experts guides you toward designing the ideal kitchen for your lifestyle.
  • Remember, the easier access you have to your appliances, the more often you'll use them.
  • There are two excellent space-saving options for storing and using your stand mixer.
  • A simple change in cabinet height can allow for easy access to your blender.
  • You may want to consider an unexpected location for your microwave.

The Heart of your Home

When designing your kitchen, think ahead. Don’t underestimate the impact a few strategic decisions can make on the everyday use of your kitchen. To many, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Sharing a meal, cooking together, gathering for game night or sneaking a late night snack: these are the things memories are made of. A convenient kitchen and dining layout can provide a welcoming space for whatever you envision your kitchen to be. Consider the amount of time you’ll spend prepping, cooking, cleaning, and storing your items. Not to mention the number of people you can expect to gather. Who knows? A few space saving and function-friendly design strategies may just make that pile of dishes feel a little less daunting.

Convenient Access to Appliances

For Your Stand Mixer and Blender

If you’re an avid baker (or your family wishes you were) easy access to your stand mixer should be of primary concern. There’s nothing worse than dragging 20 lbs of awkward machinery out of your cabinet only to lug it back after you’ve used it. And it’s well-known that the easier access we have to something, the more likely we are to actually use it. (I’m thinking of that treadmill tucked away in the basement.)

To avoid the nuisance of heavy lifting, most people simply leave their mixers on the counter. Besides, they’re usually aesthetically pleasing enough. But if you’re like me, I still have to pull the stand to the front of the counter in order to elevate the mixer. And that still means dragging it back and forth. So what’s the solution? There are several, but I will suggest two here:

1. Plan to install one smaller cabinet so that its height allows the mixer beneath it to expand to its full height. A smaller cabinet over that section of counter space can be incorporated seamlessly into the design. Plus, the higher cabinet can also accommodate the height of that blender you’ve been planning to use for smoothies since last year’s New Year’s resolution.

2. The mixer lift: This option is somewhat more expensive, but worth the price, especially if you plan to use your mixer on a regular basis. The mixer lift is a godsend when it comes to saving counter space and saving your back. With this handy accessory, the mixer stays on a shelf hidden in a cabinet. A lever mechanism operates the shelf to bring it to countertop height, and easily retracts back into the cabinet when you are finished.

If you’re hoping to regularly utilize both your mixer and your blender, we suggest opting for the higher cabinet to accommodate the blender and installing the mixer lift for your stand mixer. Bring on the baking! (And the smoothies because it’s all about balance.)


For your Microwave

When it comes to your microwave, one space saving option is to install it into the kitchen island. The location is convenient, and there’s no need to take up cabinet space by installing it above your counters. This location can also accommodate family members who have trouble reaching too high. Of course, one area of concern is its ease of access for young children, so keep that in mind if your family has little ones.

Want to check out a built-in island microwave in person? Come tour Capstone’s custom home in this year’s Home Builders Association of Wayne & Holmes Counties Parade of Homes September 21-23 and September 28-30.

A Reflection of Your Family

How do you plan to use your kitchen? If many people will be cooking or cleaning at the same time, make sure to consider: Can you have refrigerator and dishwasher open and stand at the sink at the same time? How much space is necessary between the counter and your island? If you have young children, evaluate the sink placement in regard to where you’d like to be able to monitor their play time. And if you want to create a space where friends and family can gather comfortably, keep in mind ample space around the island or kitchen table. “If you feed them, they will come” (hello, teenagers), so let us help you make sure there’s plenty of space!

Designing Your Kitchen with Capstone

Building a custom home with Capstone is the perfect time to create a space that gives your family a place that feels like home. Our design experts and project managers will help guide you through every decision along the way to ensure your kitchen is a reflection of you.


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