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When you design and build a custom home, you and your builder will work together to create a dream home that represents you and your family: your style, your interests, and your lifestyle. But did you know your home can also affect your well-being? Not only does it reflect your style, but it can influence your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Studies have recently focused on the impact of the home environment on a person’s well-being, and what they’ve found is pretty surprising. Even lighting can influence your mood. And while we may not be surprised that adequate sleep can provide more energy, even design elements factor big-time into taking a bedroom from a dungeon to an oasis. Even adding a linen closet to your overall design may bring peace of mind you didn’t know you were missing. De-stress, de-clutter, and re-energize with these five tips for designing a home that improves your and your family’s well-being.

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    A Comfortable Work Space

    If you plan to spend ample time in your home office, don’t underestimate the influence of comfortable, supportive furniture. Spending a little more on a desk chair or opting for a more luxurious carpet may feel like an unnecessary splurge, but research has shown the benefits of a comfortable work environment on energy and productivity. Proper lighting, paint selections, and layout are important decisions to factor into a space where you plan to get a lot of work done. Ask our Designer Angie Miller for advice when you build with Capstone.

    Natural Lighting

    Lighting in your home can make a noticeable difference in enhancing your mood. Try to incorporate natural light into spaces you’ll frequent often, like your living room or kitchen. But also consider windows for natural lighting in oft forgotten places where you’d like an extra boost of energy, like your office, workout space, or laundry room. Making these spaces more inviting with natural light can make paying bills or sorting laundry more enjoyable and more likely to get done, which means less stress and higher levels of well-being.

    Designated Space for Exercise

    When it comes to a fitness routine, it’s important to remove any barriers to exercise so you’ll have fewer mental excuses. If your home has a designated space for exercise and/or meditation, space isn’t an inconvenience; your only challenge is to commit to the time and get started. Consider the convenience and inspiration a separate workout space can bring: you have the freedom to enhance the space with equipment, mats, mirrors, decor, etc. without cluttering your other living spaces. Instead of the hassle of moving furniture out of the way, rolling out mats in your living room, or running on a treadmill in the corner of a lonely basement, consider designing a separate room for exercise. Your mental and physical health will thank you for it.

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    Healthy Sleep

    So far, we’ve discussed all the places you’ll work in your new home. After all that effort, a calming, peaceful place for rest is just what you want. And, according to experts, it’s what you need to be healthy. Factors that influence sleep include lighting, like low-light lamps or dimmer switches, calming color choices, and comfortable bedding. Removing distractions, like technology, from your bedroom can also promote healthy sleep habits. When you are building your home with Capstone, Designer Angie Miller will help make color and design selections just right for your own bedroom oasis. From layout to lighting, you can be sure your sleep space is conducive to rest and relaxation.

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    There isn’t a lot of official expertise supporting exactly how much storage space to factor into your home design. One source suggested as much as 10% of your home’s square footage should be dedicated to storage. But one thing is for sure: clutter can create stress. And even the neatest among us can’t do much to keep a house clean without adequate--and maybe even an abundance of--storage space.

    Experts suggest designing your home with more storage space than you think you’ll need (SOURCE). I know what you’re thinking: but then I’ll just collect more stuff to fill the space! And while that may be true of an ever-expanding shoe collection, some storage spaces seem unnecessary until you actually have them, when in fact they come in handy. Here are a few areas of the home that could use more attention to storage space:

    • Cleaning supplies on every floor to make everyday cleaning more accessible
    • Areas for pet supplies
    • Extra linen closets
    • Entryway closet and designated space for keys, purses, etc.
    • Garage shelving, hooks, and even closets
    • A mudroom with drop space that includes lockers, shelves, and separate storage spaces for each child
    • Laundry supplies

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