How to Hang the Mirrors

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Bathroom mirrors with pink vanity sink

Once home construction is complete, you can start moving in and decorating your space as you see fit. Typically our team hangs the mirrors throughout the house, but there are a few scenarios when the homeowner installs the mirrors after moving into the house. Here are some key tips to ensure this process goes smoothly.

Anchor Large Mirrors Into Studs

Glass mirrors are heavier than they look — and this can put added stress on the wall. Because of this, we always recommend anchoring mirror mounts in the studs, rather than just the drywall. Strong, reinforced fasteners will provide a secure fit that will hold the mirror safely in place.

Types of Hanging Options

There are several hanging options to mount a mirror to the wall anchors. When using picture wire, the wall anchor points should be placed at a level where the wire will be held taut. Other mirrors use D-rings to latch onto the anchors. Simply measure the distance between the rings and mark the measurements on the wall to find where you will install the anchors.

French cleat hanging systems use a mounting bracket that will go behind the top edge of the mirror frame. The position of the mounting bracket is used to determine the height for installing wall anchors. The wall and mirror brackets interlock to neatly fix the mirror to the wall. No matter which type of mounting system you choose, use a stud finder to locate wall studs for secure mounting.

Our Favorite Way to Clean a Mirror

After installing the mirror, a little cleaning will help it look its best. We recommend using a water and vinegar mixture to clean the glass. This will help you get rid of dust and other markings, without leaving any soapy residue or streaks behind. Wipe the glass side to side with a microfiber cloth to clean the entire surface.

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