How Much Garage is Enough Garage

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 Americans really love garages — and why not? They can be so much more than a place to park your car. Quite often, they’re the place for storing and protecting possessions that won’t fit in the house, or aren’t appropriate for in-home storage. They can even be used for workshops or man caves! Just like homes, every garage can be different.

The History of the Garage

The history of the garage is closely tied to the history of the automobile. In the early 20th century, car owners wanted a place to protect their expensive vehicles. Many entrepreneurs decided to repurpose their carriage houses into parking garages, but these often housed animals as well. As a result, people began to have garages constructed on their own properties. These often started as detached sheds with just enough room for the car, but by the 1940s, attached garages also came into play. As families began to own more than one car, the average size of new garages expanded as well.

The State of Garages Today

Today, while single and double car garages are still common, it’s not unusual to see three-car garages — or even larger barn-like structures that are detached from the main home. Modern garages aren’t just concerned about width (or being wide enough for your cars). Depth is also an important consideration, because this determines how much extra storage space is available for other functions.

Identify Current and Future Needs

Identifying current and future needs during construction will ensure your garage doesn’t need any remodeling work later on. You might use your garage to store an extra fridge or freezer. “Man caves” have TVs, decor, and other electronics that require dedicated outlets. At the same time, your needs may change in the future — such as needing a ramp to get from the garage to the inside of the home.

At Capstone Custom Homes, all of our homes come with a garage included. However, there are plenty of options to customize this space to match your specific needs — be they tech upgrades, extra storage space, or something else. Contact us today to learn more and discuss your options!