How to Utilize Your Basement During Winter

Submitted by Capstone Homes on Sat, 11/13/2021 - 10:47am
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Ohio is known for harsh, freezing winters. Unsurprisingly, this means most people spend a lot more time indoors than during other times of year. Regardless of whether it is finished or not, a basement can provide the extra space you need for a variety of activities during the winter. Here are some tips that can help you make better use of your basement in the months to come.

Hobby Space

The basement is the perfect hobby space. Since it is out of the way, you can typically leave board games or other hobby activities set up so the game can continue over multiple days without getting in the way of other tasks. This out of the way area is also great for crafts or woodworking, providing a private space where you can work on your projects in peace.

Food Storage

A quality food storage supply is an absolute must during the winter — you never know if a blizzard might cut out the power or make the local grocery store inaccessible. The basement provides a convenient location for storing canned goods and other food essentials. You can even use it to store produce from your gardens so you can continue to enjoy homegrown food year-round.

Keeping the Basement Warm

With Ohio’s cold winters, keeping the basement warm is key to making it a usable space. Start by installing quality insulation with an R value of 15 to help keep out cold air. A high-efficiency furnace will also help maintain comfortable temperatures without resulting in burdensome energy costs. If your basement is unfinished, place a rug on the floor so your feet don’t get cold on the concrete.

You don’t have to have a finished basement to turn it into a usable space! Whether you’ve finished it as a DIY project or are still waiting to finish it in the future, your basement can definitely come in handy this winter.