Incorporating Cozy Features in Your Custom Home

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Capstone Custom Homes Fireplace

As winter’s chill continues to settle in over Ohio, few things become more important than ensuring your living space is warm and inviting. When building a custom home, making sure to incorporate some key cozy features will go a long way in making your home comfortable all year long! 

Fireplaces and Stoves

Fireplaces are one of the first features people think of when considering ways to stay cozy and warm during the winter. But fireplaces are more than just functional. They can become a beautiful focal point in a living room or bedroom. And nowadays, there are a wide variety of fireplace styles available, from traditional wood-burning fireplaces to modern gas alternatives or even electric. Whatever fits your style and needs, we can help you incorporate the perfect fireplace or heating stove for your space.

Heated Floors

Heated floors have become a popular luxury feature for bathrooms and kitchens. Underfloor heating is installed beneath the tile in these rooms to keep the floors warm during the winter. No more freezing feet on those cold winter mornings! This unobtrusive installation can increase your home’s comfort without affecting the overall design of your space.


Insulation is the silent, unseen hero in making your home cozy and warm. Adequate insulation — whether you use rolled, blown, loose filled, or foam board insulation — helps keep your home at a consistent temperature. This doesn’t just prevent temperature fluctuations; it can also help lower your utility costs by ensuring your heating system doesn’t need to run as frequently. All Capstone homes include your choice of R15 or R20 wall insulation and R49 blown attic insulation to keep your home warm.

At Capstone Custom Homes, we’re ready to help you implement a wide variety of features to make your home the cozy and inviting space you need it to be. No matter how cold it gets outside, these features will help you enjoy Ohio’s winters in comfort and style. Talk to one of our Build Specialists today to get started on your custom cozy home!