Interior Colors for Your Capstone Custom Home

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Interior Paint at a Glance

  • A color palette should enhance the space, not define it.
  • No matter the popular colors at the time, your color choices should reflect your personal style.
  • Whatever you find your interest drawn to naturally (a piece of furniture or artwork, maybe) will most likely serve you best as a long term choice for your color palette.
  • As fall approaches, pops of deep, rich hues like moody blues or warm reds define color palettes balanced with calming neutrals.
  • Patterned wallpaper should be used sparingly on an accent wall.
  • “New neutrals” go beyond gray and tan. Think nature-inspired clay, purple-gray, hazelnut, gray-green, and French vanilla.

Decisions, Decisions

If some of us take an hour to pick out the right pair of socks then choosing the right colors for your custom home can feel daunting. But with the right strategy and inspiration, a timeless and on-trend look can make your house a home. Remember, no matter the popular colors at the time, your color choices should reflect your personal style. After all, you will have just spent countless hours planning the structural design and special features of your home during the building process. A color palette should enhance this space, rather than define it. It’s important to keep in mind that not all rooms need to look the same, but they should complement each other. With the right textures and accents, any color choice—from deep, brooding blues to clean, icy whites—can create a cozy space for your lifestyle.

Get Inspired

This home, your home, should represent you. But just getting started can be the most challenging part of any design project. Take a deep breath. You are about to enter into a long-term commitment with a one-of-a-kind custom-built home. Rather than force your creativity, instead try to access it organically by paying attention to particular pieces you are already drawn to. (Think: love at first sight.)

When you’re out shopping or visiting a friend, take note of pieces of decor that catch your eye. Whatever you find your interest drawn to naturally will most likely serve you best as a long term choice for your color palette. (Think: the honeymoon phase shouldn’t end when a trend does.)  If you have a heart for the watery blues of the sea or the arid oranges of the desert sand, don’t hesitate to bring these colors into your color palette.

The source of inspiration for your space might come from a piece of artwork that will serve as a special focal point in a living space or entryway. Or consider finding your vision from some of the undertones of an heirloom quilt that’s special to your family. Maybe a bold print on your sofa or chaise can inspire complementary colors for your walls. Surrounding your color choices around a focal piece can bring balance and coherence to your space.

Contrast and Depth

As we approach fall, end-of-year color trends lean toward bold, autumnal palettes with contrasting colors. Moody blues and rich hues create depth and warmth,  but neutrals can also make for effective accents to balance bold contrasts. And when you’re considering neutrals, don’t settle for only tans and greys. The “new neutrals” this year range from muted pastels (yes, even cottony pinks!) to earthy purples. Some of the most popular neutrals are drawing from nature:  grey-purple, green-grey, clay, hazelnut, french vanilla.

Research shows the psychological effects of color on our moods and emotional responses. So, with architecture and design leading toward indoor/outdoor spaces that invite the outdoors in, nature-inspired colors bring a sense of tranquility and security, while still providing the openness and freedom of nature.

And if you’re drawn to a color that feels a little bold or surprising, maybe a broody red or sunny yellow, don’t discount its potential right away: interior designers are leaning toward incorporating surprising contrasts a few times throughout a room, in curtains, lamps, or accent tables, for example.

Wallpaper? Yes. Sort of.

Wallpaper may be back but proceed with caution. Bold wallpaper patterns can be implemented sparingly as eye-catching accents to provide texture and balance. Breaking up solid color schemes with a Feature Wall is a good idea, as long as the choice of the wall is intentional. Choose a wall that already serves as a focal point, like above a mantel in the living area or behind a headboard in the bedroom.

Painting Your Capstone Home

As a competitive, experienced home builder in Ohio, Capstone offers high quality, professional painting at no cost to the customer. From trim to doors to walls, your custom-built home won’t feel finished until it has been professionally painted. Our Lead Designer, Angie Miller, has years of experience helping clients choose the perfect colors for their homes. She is constantly researching the latest trends and timeless choices, so you can feel confident you’ll make the right choice.

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