Let the Sunshine In

Submitted by Capstone Homes on Sat, 06/17/2023 - 6:22am
Capstone Custom Homes

Windows may not rank highly on the things you think of when building a home — but few things can make a bigger difference for your day to day living. There are many window options now available, some of which you might not even be aware of. Getting the right windows in the right places will help you take advantage of natural light and save in the long run.

Efficiency Ratings

Ohio experiences all four seasons — and some extreme temperatures to go along with them! This makes energy efficient windows an absolute must. Every Capstone home comes standard with our Capstone Signature triple pane, double low-E, argon insulated vinyl windows with screens. These windows are designed to maximize energy efficiency and help you maintain consistent indoor temperatures throughout the year, leading to big savings on your energy bills.

Custom Sizes

We build custom homes throughout beautiful Ohio, and quite often, our customers want to be able to take in their natural surroundings. We help by providing custom glass solutions that let them enjoy great views. While custom window sizes may require a larger investment, the resulting views will bring a lifetime of enjoyment.

Lots of Light

Natural light can help your home feel more welcome and inviting, while also reducing your need to use artificial lighting. Our team can work with you to identify areas where you might want to add or enlarge windows so you can get your preferred balance of natural and artificial light.

No matter what your window preferences are like, Capstone Custom Homes can make it happen. Visit our design center to learn more about your options for welcoming natural light into your home!