Make a Statement with Black Finishes

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Classic, Timeless, Bold: Make a Statement with Black Finishes

Bringing black into your home design doesn’t have to be spooky. Black is timeless, crisp, and easily coordinated with other colors and shades. These six design tips for using black are sure to make your new home sleek and inviting.

Kitchen Sink

In the kitchen, a white sink was once the epitome of on-trend design, often paired with a unique granite pattern or gleaming marble countertop. But, inevitably, those sparkling sinks faced the onslaught of years of wear-and-tear, and homeowners began to realize the commitment to scrubbing that a white sink required. Enter: the black (or charcoal) sink. If you do go with the darker sink, the color doesn’t draw attention to stains and messes, and when balanced with other pops of black in the kitchen, is a sleek choice. Karran offers sinks in an array of colors and materials: stainless steel, acrylic, and quartz, all of which are incredibly durable. Don’t forget: there are endless choices of attractive and functional sink protectors available to keep your sink looking new for years to come.

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Kitchen Light Fixtures

In your kitchen, light fixtures are a central design element, both above the island and over the table. The last few years brought with them minimalistic black fixtures, like the open pendant drop lighting shown here. This trend isn’t going anywhere. Incorporating these sleek black fixtures brings together the home’s look, especially with that gorgeous charcoal sink.

Custom Home - Foyer

Indoor and Outdoor Metal Railings

Railings leading to the basement or upstairs levels are a great way to incorporate a pop of classy black metal. Not to mention the openness a railing around the basement steps creates as opposed to a closed off wall. Designs vary, offering options for many price points and styles. Remember, even when it comes to railings, black is an accent, so while the spindles of the railing are black metal, consider keeping the railing itself of the same material and color as other parts of the home, like crown molding, trim, or flooring.

If you’re looking to tie in your outdoor design to what’s going on inside, black metal railings around a deck or patio are a great choice. Imagine: If your home has a black railing around the basement steps, black windows and a black railing on the exterior, the eye is drawn from one element to the next, ultimately making the indoor and outdoor spaces come together seamlessly. Plus, black patio furniture can further bring the outdoor space together. Wrought iron furniture, while somewhat more expensive, is timeless and durable, even in harsh weather conditions.

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Matte-Finish Appliances

Okay, so this tip doesn’t have to incorporate black exactly, but it does add a darker shade to your kitchen to incorporate the sink and light fixtures mentioned above. And it’s all about the appliances. The color you’ll want to consider is matte slate. But if you want to commit to the dark side, go with black slate (check it out here). What makes this trend classy and timeless— and one I believe will stick around for a while— is its matte finish. Matte slate appliances take all the versatility of stainless steel without the flashy shine. Instead, what you have is a sleek, subtle hue that doesn’t overpower the aesthetic but still makes a strong statement— especially if you decide to go bold with black slate. Your kitchen will thank you. (Check out GE’s smudge-proof line of slate appliances.)


Especially when paired with white trim, black windows make a space pop. Drawing your eye to the outside, spaces feel larger and more connected with nature. Remember, though, black is to be used sparingly. Too much and it’ll feel like Halloween all year round. So think of black as a springboard for other contrasting colors, even white.  Balance those windows with lighter wall colors, window treatments, and floor choices.

Black Basement Ceiling

Basement Ceiling

We’ll end our journey to the dark side in one of the areas of your home you may already consider too dark: the basement. So it may come as a surprise that painting the ceiling black may just be the move that brings your finished basement together. Oftentimes, basement ceilings are left unpainted or are given a coat of white to finish them. Both of these choices draw the eye upward to the ceiling beams and all the other unsightly inner workings of the home that are relinquished to the basement. Painting the beams, pipes, and ceiling black, on the other hand, allows much of the exposed elements to blend together, and basically disappear, drawing the eye down to the rest of the space. If you’re considering finishing your basement space, a coat of black paint could make all the difference, like in this local Airbnb.

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