Moisture Control Around the Home

Submitted by Capstone Homes on Mon, 07/11/2022 - 9:58am
Moisture in the home

Left unchecked, water can destroy a home. This doesn’t just occur from catastrophic events like floods. Even everyday activities like using the kitchen or bathroom can put a lot of residual moisture in the air that damages your home over time — which is why homes come with features like vents and exhaust fans. Keeping your home dry and maintaining good air quality is essential for enjoying it for years to come.

Ways to Minimize Moisture

Your home comes with several systems that help minimize excess moisture. Using exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms will remove moisture to the outside, rather than letting it escape into the attic. Clothes dryers should vent to the outside as well. Finally, running dehumidifiers and air conditioners can reduce moisture in the air. Simply using these features will go a long way in minimizing moisture.

Ventilation and Air Flow

Adequate ventilation and air flow are what allows moisture to escape the home. Because of this, you should periodically clean the HVAC vents and ductwork to ensure that nothing is blocking the flow of air. You should also inspect outside exhausts for any blockages. Don’t forget about attic ventilation systems, which also help get rid of hot, humid air.

Monitor Humidity

When building a new home, many of our customers choose to install a smart thermostat or smart home platform. These systems often incorporate moisture monitors, which can be set up to detect leaks and excess moisture around the hot water heater, faucets, basement, and other at-risk areas. This can help you identify and fix these problems before they get out of hand.

At Capstone Custom Homes, our properties come standard with features that help control moisture in the home, like GMX Ultrashield foundation waterproofing. To learn more about these and other design features, contact our team or visit one of our model homes!