The Secret to Designing Your Perfect Craftsman Home

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Craftsman style homes are already unique in their own right — in fact, a distinct look is a defining marker of a custom craftsman plan. But here, I’ll offer some suggestions for making your Craftsman home even more expressive of your personal style. From fireplace accents to exterior wow-factors, consider incorporating these elements into your home plan as you design your dream home.

Is a Craftsman Home Right for Me?

Personalization drives home style; homeowners aren’t looking to build a home like the Joneses or anyone else for that matter, but there’s a risk involved in implementing unique features. What if it ends up looking kitschy or tacky? What if I end up growing tired of it? Making a bold choice in a backsplash or wall color, for instance, can create an eyesore if the choice is not considered carefully. But design isn’t just about uniqueness; a home should be welcoming, functional, and just the right amount of cozy.

Moreover, in recent trends, formal elegance has fallen by the wayside: stuffy dining areas and off-limits seating rooms don’t speak to today’s families where spacious comfort is at the forefront.

So the question becomes: how can a person design a home that is both cozy and modern, unique and beautiful, simple and on-trend?

The answer may lie in the home plan. A home plan--its architecture, layout, and structural selections--can inform the rest of the design elements of the home. When making paint and hardware selections, for example, a design professional considers whether the choice fits with the architectural style of the home. So determining the home plan creates a platform for the choices that follow. And a craftsman style home is a beautiful option.

The History of the Craftsman Home

Originating with the Arts and Crafts movement of the mid-19th century, the Craftsman style evolved as a reaction to the cookie-cutter home plans of the Industrial Revolution. Even then, customers sought creativity, novelty, and craftsmanship above conformity to their neighbors, and the same stands true today.

While a Craftsman home is by no means the only way to build a one-of-a-kind custom home, the style does incorporate a balance of modern coziness, unique trends, and quality craftsmanship. It is liveable but masterful; not “fancy” or posh, but not rustic either.

Qualities of a Contemporary Craftsman Home


  • Mixed mediums: stone, shingles, siding
  • Different combinations of board-and-batten, shake siding, and/or horizontal siding
  • Natural elements that create stylish simplicity: exposed beams throughout, exposed structural components in the exterior
  • Heavy columned porch and a porch gable
  • Stunning front door
  • Wood garage door
  • Low-gabled roof, prominent (few or one) dormer


  • Large prominent fireplaces, bordered by built-in cabinetry
  • A defined entryway that serves as a Drop Zone
  • Thick crown molding, wood trim (painted or not) that extends onto the ceiling in the form of exposed beams
  • Earthy colors
  • Open floor plan with a focus on the kitchen and dining areas

How to Make it Your Own

Drop Zone

While a designated drop zone is typically found in the main entryway to a Craftsman home, consider creating a drop zone in a separate mudroom off the garage to keep the clutter under control. With this option, individual lockers, tubs, and benches can help families stay organized without disrupting the design flow of the front door entry.

A Grand FIreplace

It’s true that one of the most striking elements of the Craftsman is usually the fireplace. Mixed mediums, like an oversized mantle or shiplap, continue the nature-inspired theme found throughout the home. To really accentuate the fireplace, think about extending it all the way to the ceiling (which is typically high and already accented with exposed beams). Drawing the eye upward all the way to the ceiling defines the high wall and creates a focal point.

Wood Garage Door

Continuing the natural elements into the exterior of the home may be as easy as deciding on a complimentary front door and garage door made of natural wood. Still functional and durable, natural wood garage doors are the perfect accent to a Craftsman home.

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