Preparing Your Home for Winter

Submitted by Capstone Homes on Wed, 10/13/2021 - 9:30am
Winterize Your Home - Capstone Custom Homes

Winter temperatures will be in Ohio before we know it! While fall is the perfect time to enjoy the fall leaves and football, it’s also an important season for taking precautions against extreme weather. Preparing now will ensure your home is ready for winter’s cold.

Heater and Ductwork

It’s a good idea to fire up your furnace and let it go through a test run while temperatures are still relatively mild. This way, you can identify if there are any performance problems (like not blowing hot air) before you really need your furnace! You should also replace your furnace filter to improve air quality and avoid overworking the unit. Professional duct cleaning can also help eliminate air pollutants.

Tree Trimming and Debris Cleaning

Winter storms can bring down large tree branches, causing heavy damage. Take care of any needed trimming during the fall so you can avoid storm cleanup later. In addition to raking up fallen leaves, you should also put away any items you don’t want to get buried under the snow. You don’t want to run into lawn chairs or your kids’ outdoor toys while trudging across a snowy yard.

Gutters, Chimneys and More

Removing leaves from your gutters will help prevent ice dams during the winter, which can cause water to leak into your home while also pulling gutters away from the siding. While you are cleaning your gutters, do a quick visual inspection of your chimney, attached awnings, or porches. Address any repair issues now before winter storms cause major leaks.

By taking care of these essential tasks now, you can rest easy when those winter storms start to blow. When your home is fully prepared for the winter, you can stay comfortable and safe no matter how cold it gets outside.