Preparing Your Land

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staking the lot for a new home build

 At Capstone Custom Homes, we generally build on a homeowner’s existing land, and we help them get the most out of their property. Here’s what that process looks like.

Clearing the Way

We have experience working with a wide variety of lots with different acreage, configurations, and grading. We understand that each lot is unique! Because of this, each of our floor plans include the building’s physical footprint in addition to its square footage so you can get a better idea of which plans will work for your property’s layout.

The homeowner is responsible for clearing plants, rocks, and other debris on the lot — in large part because it prepares the land for grading. Some of our customers engage a soil scientist or septic designers to ensure their land is suitable for a house. A properly graded surface will provide a level base for construction, while also creating enough of a slope in the surrounding area so water drains away from the house. This step, often performed with specialty machinery, is crucial for avoiding flooding and erosion that could compromise the integrity of the structure.

Staking the House

Staking out the house’s footprint on the land is another important preparatory step. This step helps our team visualize the placement of the home and ensure that it aligns with the plot plans. Accurate staking guides the rest of the construction work so that everything is built, dug, and installed in the proper place. On custom building projects, we walk the lot with our customers to check that everything is set up perfectly before we start digging.

Removing debris, grading the land, and staking the house’s footprint are all essential preparatory steps for a successful construction project. Doing these tasks correctly ensures that the rest of the work proceeds smoothly, and that the house will be a good fit for the lot. Contact us today to learn more about how our processes will ensure great results for your custom build.