Springtime Clean Up is Important

Submitted by Capstone Homes on Wed, 03/17/2021 - 10:05am
Capstone Custom Homes - Furnace Filter

While the term “spring cleaning” may have become a cliche at this point, there is no denying that a yearly deep clean is great for any home. Not only does this help you clear out those dust bunnies, but it also helps you identify potential maintenance issues before they become a major problem. Here are some items to prioritize during your spring cleaning this year.

Furnace Filter & Vents

For most homes, it is recommended that you change the furnace filters every 90 days to keep dust and other airborne debris from clogging the filters and overworking your HVAC system. However, if you live in a newly constructed home, you should probably change filters more frequently at first to help clear out construction dust.
In addition to filter changes, it’s a good idea to periodically have an HVAC professional inspect and clean your HVAC vents and ducts to prevent buildup of dust and lint. This buildup doesn’t just force your system to work harder — it also raises indoor air pollution levels, which can be troublesome for those with asthma and allergies.

Deep Clean the Kitchen

For many, the kitchen is the most-used space in the house. Needless to say, it needs to take top priority during your spring cleaning. Start by organizing the contents of your cabinets. Donate, sell, or throw away items you no longer use or need.

Removing everything from the kitchen cabinets also makes it easier to do a thorough cleaning inside and out. Check for spills or stains from coffee, ice cream, or even something that boiled over while you were cooking. Eliminating food debris will protect your cabinets and keep pests out of your kitchen.

Take a Look Outside

Before your outdoor plant life goes into full bloom, check your home exterior for potential hazards. Make sure it isn’t threatened by overhanging trees, fast-growing plants like ivy, or animal nests. Now is the best time to make exterior improvements to make your landscaping safer and more attractive. Don’t forget to fertilize your lawn and to be careful when the ground is soft to keep it from turning muddy.

Spring cleaning may not be the favorite thing on your to-do list, but keeping your house clean and in good repair will help you make the most of it. At Capstone Custom Homes, we’re always ready to help build your dream house where spring cleaning will be an enjoyable experience. Contact our sales team today to learn more about our custom building options.