Taking Advantage of “The Great Room”

Submitted by Capstone Homes on Sat, 01/20/2024 - 9:30am
a view of a Capstone great room

 As open floor plans have become more popular, great rooms have become an increasingly important home feature. As part of an open living space, great rooms can serve as a combination of the dining room, living room, and kitchen, while also providing easy access to other parts of the house. This versatile multipurpose space is ideally suited for any family.

Great for Entertaining

The open design of great rooms can help your home feel more spacious and relieve some of the stress associated with hosting events. An open floor plan facilitates conversation and interaction with your guests by creating a single gathering point with plenty of room for everyone. The open design also improves access to the kitchen for serving food and drinks.

Great for Decorating

When the living room, dining room, and kitchen are part of one continuous space, you’ll have a much easier time decorating for the holidays and everyday living. Sticking to a consistent theme will help your space look great in any season. Of course, you can also designate separate “zones” in the great room with features like area rugs, furniture, and lighting to help differentiate spaces like the living room and dining areas.

Great for Living

In addition to their large, open layout, great rooms typically make use of features like picture windows and vaulted ceilings to bring in more natural light and help the room feel even more spacious. Great rooms often provide back porch access as well. Such features create a more inviting space, while also giving you better access to the outdoor beauty of your property — even when you don’t feel like going outside.

Great rooms truly are great, providing a versatile, open space that creates an inviting atmosphere no matter how you plan to use them. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an existing space, be sure to consider how you’ll use your great room for entertainment, decoration, and comfortable living.