Technology in the Home

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Capstone Custom Homes - Technology in the Kitchen

Technology is becoming an increasingly valued part of homebuilding, as having a connected home has become more popular than ever. Here at Capstone, we find ourselves including more tech and automation features in our homes each year. Here is a closer look at some of the tech options that can be made available for your home.

A Unique Kitchen Upgrade

One key advancement has been the ability to transform normal outlets into charging stations for mobile devices. Just look at the outlet in this GIF animation! Not only does this include the AC plug and USB charging, but it emerges from the countertop for a more convenient location. When not in use, the outlet is kept out of the way so it stays dry and doesn’t interfere with food prep.

Low Voltage Needs

Power delivery through ethernet cables has transformed our options for powering items throughout the home. While wi-fi can certainly be effective, some systems like security cameras lighting, and home automation services are better powered by low-voltage ethernet. With this option, low-power devices get the electricity and connectivity they need.

Backup Generators

Our growing reliance on digital devices makes a backup generator more valuable than ever. Even when your internet connection goes down, having a backup generator will help you maintain your wi-fi and LAN networks so you can continue to operate connected smart home systems.

No matter what kind of technology you want for your home, Capstone can make it happen. Our experienced team will help you seamlessly incorporate the latest tech into your new build so you can have the connected home of your dreams. Contact our sales team today to learn more.