Tips for Choosing Paint Color

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The paint colors that you choose for your home can go a long way in making your space feel truly “your own.” Whether you want to create a bold, dynamic look or prefer neutral tones, selecting the right paint color is an important consideration. Here are a few tips that can help you make the best fit for your preferences.

The Psychology of Color

Different colors can actually trigger different emotions, changing how a room “feels” when you are in it. Consider the room’s other qualities, such as window placement or the inclusion of other features like cabinets, which can influence the best color for the space. Remember that darker shades can make a room feel smaller, while lighter tones can make a room feel larger.

Popular and Trendy

One great thing about paint is that it can be changed quite easily compared to other wall covering options. So if you want to go with bold or trendy colors, go for it! You can always repaint your walls later on to keep up with changing trends.

Test Out Your Choice

No matter what paint color you like, you should always sample it before repainting an entire room. Get paint samples so you can paint a small area with the various colors you are considering. This will let you see how the paint looks at different times of day so you can more easily decide if the color is a good fit or not.

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