Tips for Removing Snow Around Your Home

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Ohio gets a lot of snow during the winter — and if you want to get out of your house, you need to be ready to remove it! Because everyone’s property is different, the right solution for winter snow removal may be different for you than for someone who lives in a different part of the state. Here are a few essential supplies to consider.

Picking the Right Shovel

Even with snowblowers, every homeowner needs a good shovel for removing snow out of those difficult areas. Of course, a shovel can still be effective for walkways and driveways, too! When selecting a snow shovel, look for a model with an 18-inch wide plastic scoop. This is the “just right” size that helps you move snow effectively without the load getting too heavy and cumbersome. Features such as a curved shaft can help reduce back pain, while a nylon (rather than metal) leading edge won’t damage concrete or other surfaces.

Snowblowers and Blades

While a snow shovel can be effective for shorter walkways and driveways, if you have a long driveway or need to clear snow to reach an outbuilding on your property, a snowblower is going to be a better choice. You could also attach a snow blade to a riding lawn mower, ATV, or pickup truck. These allow for quick and easy cleanup with no back strain.

Don’t Forget the Broom

Shovels and snowblowers are handy, but they often leave behind light snow or other debris. A sturdy broom makes it easy to sweep light snow out of the way so that it doesn’t melt and form ice later. Brooms are a great way to keep covered porches clear of any snow or leaves that might work their way inside.

Every house is unique — and so are your snow removal needs. By evaluating the features of your property and your own snow removal preferences, you can make the right selection for a pleasant winter.