Waterproofing Your Home

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Ohio Basement Waterproofing

At Capstone Custom Homes, we strive to set ourselves apart by providing the most valuable “included features” that you won’t find with other builders. A great example of this is our basement waterproofing, which is included with every home we build.

Dry Basements

Basements can get quite wet in Ohio, especially during the spring. The combination of thawing snow and consistent rainfall can result in overly saturated soils that cause moisture buildup and even water leaks inside the basement. A waterproofing system creates a protective layer that prevents moisture from outside air and the ground from getting into the basement. You won’t have to worry about your basement leaking or becoming a source of mildew growth.

Professional Installation

Basement waterproofing systems are only as good as their installation. That’s why we partner with only the most diligent contractors, who are true experts in this important niche. We thoroughly vet all contractors to ensure that they will deliver high-quality results, and that their work is guaranteed.

Backed By Warranties

The basement waterproofing that is included in your Capstone Custom Home is backed by a 30-year manufacturer’s warranty. You can have confidence that the waterproofing layer will provide the protection your basement needs, no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.

With a professionally waterproofed basement, you won’t have to worry about cold air during the winter, excess humidity, or condensation. You can have confidence that your basement — and the rest of the house — will keep you safe and secure from the elements.