Windows Make the Difference

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Capstone Custom Homes

When planning for your dream house, it can be easy to overlook the windows. However, the right window selection can actually make a big difference. There are many product options now available that can affect your home’s energy efficiency and appearance. Here are some factors to consider when choosing windows.

Efficiency Ratings

Because Ohio experiences all four seasons, it isn’t unusual to experience both extreme heat and extreme cold. Energy efficient windows will reduce heat loss and heat gain, helping maintain a consistent temperature inside the home. As part of our standard features, we offer Capstone Signature triple pane vinyl windows with double low-E coatings and argon insulation. These features greatly enhance the windows’ insulating abilities to improve energy efficiency.

Black Trim Windows

Not all window upgrades are tied to energy efficiency. Black trim windows have become an increasingly popular premium option in 2021. These windows feature a black trim and grid for a stylish modern look. These upgraded windows go especially well with white home exteriors.

Lots of Light

The right amount of lighting will make your home feel more open, spacious, and inviting. Considering just how much light you want in the home is an important decision. As part of our design process, we can help you determine where to add or expand windows in our floor plans to increase natural light. Our design team will walk you through this process to help you achieve the ideal balance of natural and electric lighting.

With the right window selection, your home won’t just look great — it will also have improved energy efficiency to help you save money. Visit our design center to learn more about our window options and the other ways we can help you create your dream home.