Winter Maintenance Essentials

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No matter how old (or new) your house is, seasonal maintenance is essential to keep everything in good working order. This is especially important in Ohio, where we go from muggy heat in the summer to bitter cold in the winter. Being mindful of the following winter maintenance tasks will help prevent (and address) when things get damaged.

Keep an Eye on Your Roof

It’s always a good idea to keep your roof clear of debris, such as tree branches and snow. While this isn’t really an issue with the new custom homes that we build, older houses and homes with flat roofs run the risk of structural damage due to the heavy weight of excess snow buildup on the roof. If you have trees near the roof, be sure to trim away overhanging branches and periodically check for damage if any branches fall on the roof.

Check for Drafts

You should try to keep out that cold Ohio winter air anywhere you can. However, it isn’t unusual for coverings to get moved or blown away when we get high winds. After a windstorm, walk around your home and outbuildings to check that all doors, hatches, and latches are closed and covered. Make any needed fixes to keep out those cold drafts.

Prevent Frozen Pipes

Bitter freezes can put intense stress on your plumbing system — and in some cases, this can even result in frozen or burst pipes. To reduce the risk of this, keep your home adequately heated, even when you’ll be out of town. Insulate exposed pipes, particularly in unheated areas like your garage or basement. During extreme cold snaps, it’s also a good idea to let faucets drip slightly. Even a slight flow of water will help keep pipes from freezing.

Keeping up with winter maintenance saves you a lot of money and time in the long run! By finding (and fixing) problems early on, you can prevent other, bigger problems. Even with a new custom home, maintenance is always worth the extra investment so everything can stand the test of time.