Jan 22, 2022

At Capstone Custom Homes, we’re immensely proud of our diverse floor plans — but we also love helping our clients customize them in new and exciting ways to better meet their family’s unique needs.

Jan 11, 2022

At Capstone Custom Homes, one of the most common questions we hear is “When should I talk to Capstone about building?” Understandably, people wonder if they need to have certain things “in order” before they talk to us.

Jan 4, 2022

Ohio gets a lot of snow during the winter — and if you want to get out of your house, you need to be ready to remove it!

Dec 28, 2021

At Capstone Custom Homes, we take great pride in our team’s ability to help bring each customer’s dreams to life. This impressive home built in a small town north of Medina, Ohio is the perfect example of what they can accomplish.

Dec 22, 2021

Even with its impressive 2,055 square feet of living space, the Cypress is one of our more versatile single-story floor plans.

Dec 17, 2021

At Capstone Custom Homes, many of our floor plans incorporate large windows to provide abundant natural lighting throughout the home. This isn’t just a design preference — natural light has many benefits that your entire family will enjoy!

Dec 6, 2021

With the Christmas season upon us, it’s only natural that much of your family’s focus would turn to decorating your home. Of course, this is hardly the only time of year when you’d want to decorate.

Nov 29, 2021

We were honored to take part in our local homebuilder association’s Parade of Homes this year. If you missed us during the Parade, here is a look at our featured home from this year’s event.

Nov 22, 2021

At Capstone Custom Homes, we take great pride in our diverse floor plans — and the Sequoia has certainly become a favorite!

Nov 19, 2021

Every homebuilder has a list of “standard features” that they include in their homes. However, not all standard features are created equal.