Feb 12, 2023

When it comes to building a custom home, there are many companies you can choose from. And while there are many builders with sales offices throughout Ohio, most of these are actually national builders that are dictated by a corporate structure…

Feb 5, 2023

Ohio is home to miles of rich farmland and abundant forests. As a result, Capstone Custom Homes builds quite a few homes on farms or in rural areas. We love building in the country, but there are a few important considerations when doing so.

Jan 31, 2023

the Sequoia is a beautiful, spacious build that has everything your family needs. From its spa-like master suite to the study and oversized garage, this 4-bed, 3-bath home lets you live in ultimate comfort.

Jan 25, 2023

At Capstone Custom Homes, our team loves building houses in the country. There’s a unique beauty that can only be found in rural areas.

Jan 12, 2023

When it comes to maintaining your curb appeal, your sidewalk and driveway can have a bigger impact than you might expect.

Jan 3, 2023

At Capstone Custom Homes, we provide a lot of value-added features in our base builds. However, there’s no denying that there are several home upgrades that can make it much easier to deal with Ohio’s cold winter months.

Dec 30, 2022

Every year at Capstone, we hold our annual Christmas party with a dinner, games, and other activities as we reflect on the past year and look forward to the future.

Dec 15, 2022

At Capstone Custom Homes, we include a lot of features as standard in our custom homes — including our signature cabinets.

Dec 6, 2022

Technology is becoming an increasingly valued part of homebuilding, as having a connected home has become more popular than ever. Here at Capstone, we find ourselves including more tech and automation features in our homes each year.

Nov 29, 2022

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s only natural that you’d start thinking about how you’ll decorate your house. Believe it or not, this may be something you want to consider when planning a new build.